Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Kind of Happiness

Some Kind of Happiness

From the time I immersed myself in your world that is so different
I can’t seem to stop sighing
And wet my eyes
I cannot comprehend why life is so difficult, like climbing a mountain

And then I look back at the clothes that I do not necessarily need
What praises have I gained from them?
Then I understand that though you may be used to poverty
Your smiles are simpler than one plus one

From now on, happiness is discovering
That being primitive does not equate to unhappiness
Fulfillment comes from sharing happiness
You and I need to learn

To be able to help you is the happiest of all happiness
There is no need to fight and compete for perfect goals
The biggest success is to have found a mission
To spread warmth, and to create smiles

To enhance lives
Completely because I miss your innocent responses
It’s like a warm promise to be able to contribute for you
As if my heart is as clear as water

Thank you for making my heart so light that it’s able to fly far
To be clear of what I have
And also that I should learn to let go
In the past, even though I’d climbed so many high mountains, how can they be considered impressive?

Sang by Sammi Cheng
Translated by Wuyen (

It is really a very meaningful song ever sang by her..back from her trip to Laos, visiting these poor children.. understanding their lives.. and spreading love to them..

It is trying to tell us, that all of you guys out there who are reading my post.. are really lucky.. we live in such modern places.. buying unnecessary things.. eating and wasting food..

while the children at the other part of the world are suffering.. they don't need much toys nor sweets, all they need are a small portion of what we have to eat and wear..

for them, a small bowl of vegetables is enough for a family of seven..

but for us, even 4 dishes and 1 soup is not enough for a family of 4

sometimes, I do think we take everything we have for granted..
izzit time we should learn to share?


foong wai said...

T_T so touching.
what song is that? i wanna try dling it.

and yeah, we need to learn.

Cassie the Missy said...

good taste.. !

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