Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sometimes I think students, especially design students, have 10 brains, 10 pairs of hands and 10 times normal people speed.

If not, how can we complete a super big size(wider than A3, taller than A3) with good workmanship, while in the same time submiting 2D and 3D drawings with perfect autocad and 3DMax skills complete with working drawings including HVAC, Fire safety, electrical, etc, with another 2000++ words essay to complete and perfecting our portfolio to let those interviewer see.. all at the same time???????????

Either we are crazy


The syllabus is super CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come on.. it is just crazy..

even working 22 hours a day is not enough...

furthermore.. all ur effort in completing those things.. and all u get is .. plz improve on this this and that.. plz change this and that and those.. plz WORK HARDER... plz improve on ur workmanship... plz do more research...


don't we get any encouragement?

we don't need praise.. as I know my standard..

but.. encouragement... everyone needs it..

How come getting one single encouragement also sooooo hard???

harder than completing assignment on time..


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