Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Week

Well, I have climb up back..

anyway, I've decided that I have to have some aim.

and I've decided on an AIM

which is to do well in this final project.



to make my parents pround of me.


crap.. I've not been dedicated to my work.. I know that.. It's time for change~


topic is now officially CLOSED!

Last week,

on Wednesday, went to 1U to meet my friends, then MPH

on Thursday, went to 1U with Chooi Fei, MPH, then Sunway with Ling to do research

on Friday, went to Garden with Chooi Fei and Cizzy and Ling to do research, then MPH

on Saturday, went to Pavillion with Gwen, Boon San and Ling to do research, but no MPH

yup.. the whole week, half of the time dedicated to research annnndddd MPH!

well, u know, MPH is having SALE

and since I'm a dedicated fans of MPH, how can I not support them???

alright.. need to go back to do ESSAY..

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