Sunday, July 1, 2007

Show MI live in Genting 2007!

late report... anyway, have a SUPER DUPER BUSY WEEK last week... those who know me should know...haha..

anyway.. 23rd of June, 2007, at Genting Highlands, Arena of Stars.. 8pm..

Show MI !!!

yeahh... i never felt so great... the show was super great... it's just so enjoyable.. however, the only bad thing is the show toooooooo short.. only about 2 hours.. haha... but it's the best 2 hours.. Sammi never dance so great... it's sooo fresh.. she say so many personal feelings to the audience.. sentimental emotions, her romantic love songs, fast dance beat.. wow.. everyone was so high.. almost everyone stand and dance wif her...

well, i do not wan to say anything about the whole concert, as i know, not much ppl will be interested.. if they are.. they can always get the info better else where.. haha.. i do not wan to elaborate..

the whole concert i just sit and take pix.. last time when Sammi had her concert at Arena of Stars, i did not get good pix.. but this time, i get a better camera, i get my best pix.. i know it is not as good as others, but for my PERSONAL collection, i am perfectly satisfied.

wan to see some?

on my way to the arena of stars, saw a moth sticking at the window.. veri.. see 4 urself

this is the stage... before the concert start...

one of the concert scene...

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