Saturday, July 28, 2007

update time!

it has been sometime since i updated this blog..

i know.. i know.. it's my FAULT..

ahaha... no choice.. been having a SUPER DUPER busy weekS.. and when i am free.. lik the past few days.. i felt that i am doind something wrong if i did not just laze around and eat + sleep.. haha.. that's me..

anyway, keep u guys out there updated.. been doing a few crazy project in college.. the most recent is the BRIDGE project..

team up with Azadeh as the leader, Bee Wee and Eric.. haha.. ok group.. having Azadeh as the leader makes a different.. she was SOOOOO confident of her theory.. i know she has her point.. and i have to give her credit for it.. because since she is so determind of the design will work, we did not make any changes to it.. and on the 'breaking the bridge day' our bridge manage to support the bricks.. mayb not as many as the other groups but it is quite out of my expetation.. and i am soooooo HAPPY... anyway, i feel bad too.. coz from the beginning till the end, i was not confident of the design and the theory and keep thinking and trying to persuade Azadeh to try changing the design a little.. but thanks to her, we did it.. haha.. felt ashamed now.. anyway, i learn a lesson..

this is it.. it may not be the best but we did our best..!

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