Monday, March 1, 2010

End of Holiday

Today is officially the 1st day after the merry CNY celebrations that last for the past 15 days.. kinda start to miss the mood already..

This morning when I wake up, I suddenly realised that I currently have no special holiday to look forward to..

Which means, I'm facing endless days spend at office. Which means, one word. Cham.

I mean, if there's something to look forward to, working days can be bearable. Just give me something to look forward to please...



20th March 2010, Saturday

I am going up to Genting for Sammi's Love Mi! concert!


At least, that is something. But I don't know why. Even that is not lifting up my mood. I am really looking forward to that concert but it's still not a holiday. I even have to replaced classes for my students as the concert falls on Saturday. Which means explaining and arranging times with parents AGAIN!

I just hate to keep changing time and day. It confuse me and mess up with my schedule. What to do? No choice.

I just hope that those parents would not get fed up with me for changing this and that. *cross my fingers!*

So, in conclusion, there's nothing to look forward to. No holidays, no birthday, no party, no gathering, no shopping together, no hanging out, no travel, no money.

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