Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Advice needed.. Frens needed.. Fun needed...

I found that these days, I enjoy writing entries during odd times. Okay, maybe it doesn't sound odd to you but to me it is.

Now is 10.28am, Tuesday, 23rd February 2010. And if you want to know, it is the 10th day of CNY.

Okay, crap aside.

It's my working hours. Siting at my place inside the office. Facing the computer and suddenly the urge to blog came rushing to me. Weird. And I always react to my instinct. hoho..

Btw, I'm starting to get really chubby. And it is time for me to to X-ercise..

Recently, look up Fitness First and True Fitness.. and I am more interested in True Fitness since it have Yoga classes which I admit, my main reason for joining a gym. lol

Anyway, any idea which of the above club is great? With good facilities, good customer service, good environment, (who am I kidding? You want this kind of gym, it will be name heaven.)

So, guys.. give me some advice will you? And anyone interested to go join together? haha.. doing excersise is beset done with frens around.. so you can work out and hang out together.. not to say wash out.. with lost of strength of coz..

imagine running on treadmill while laughing at the silliest jokes.. bet you pengsan immediately.. ~.~"

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