Monday, February 4, 2008

A trip to 1U..

sounds funny eh?
you will probably say something like..

yor.. u always also go 1u.. almost like you holiday villa adi.. still sounds so special meh?
wat's so special about going to 1u? i know the building so well it seems like my second home..
huh? u never went to 1u before???


It's not like I never go 1u before.. it's just there's something there that catch my interest when I went there last Saturday.. haha.. those who went there these few days might seen it already..

btw, I still believe a picture worth more than thousand words..

and here more than A picture...


Ms. Barbie Pageant!

and there's a few in particular that attract my attention!!!

There's many gown.. most is like wedding gown I suppose..

and it's so attractive.. wonder how I will look in one of those fancy gown.. haha.. (dreamiiinnnggg...)

ever notice that most thing I love has pink in it??? haha..


I ADOREEEEEE pink! everything and anything that has PINK on it will definately attract my liking!!!!!

btw.. this mini exhibition was put up by the jewellery shop.. and I'm not really sure why.. haha.. seems like no connection.. but .. it really helps to attract many people to their shop..

know y???


this exhibition is right 'slab' in front of their shop!


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