Monday, February 4, 2008

Chinese New Year preparation!

Chinese New Year is just a few days away..

I'm sure all Chinese are now very super duper BUSY!

mayb even busier than the BEE!

haha.. okay.. lame joke..

anyway, beside buying tons and tons of drinks, tit-bits, gifts, and of coz! mandarine oranges!

we will decorate our home as well..

The most famous plant during Chinese New Year.. and it's been selling like Apple doughNUTS!

Also another familiar sight.. lantern.. sighz.. talking about lantern make me tired.. haha.. u know y..

anyway.. this year there are many hot-air-balloon-like lantern on sale.. but our family decided that the traditional-looking lantern is the BEST!

ok.. another well-known thing.. chrysanthemum.. CNY is just not really complete without looking at chrysanthemum..

I wonder y.. must check it at wiki.. (common for research.. hmm.. mayb i will do it after i enjoy myself.. haha)

the interior will be full of flowers as well.. haha..

been thinking of being a florist.. haha..

plum blossom is soooooo famous during the celebration!!! but it's soooo expansive.. haha.. the amount in my house is the collection of 2 years.. haha.. love it..!

hmm.. these.. er.. well.. I'm not sure wat's it call.. but in chinese it is 'shuet mui'

and it can be found at all places as well..

I had sooo much fun decorating it.. hanging those thingy on it.. haha.. nice!

btw.. there will be other decorative thingy which we stick on walls, doors.. windows.. blah..

but I still haven get to those yet.. haha.. been finding Mickey Mouse.. haha..

and here's 1u ddecoration for CNY..

hmm.. not much comment.. I love the colours.. but the it looks a bit too decorative to my liking.. haha.. anyway.. still quite attractive.. at least I let out a


when I saw it..


oh.. and the following pix hav ntg to do with CNY but it's still a new decoration added to my house.. haha..


see? move attractive?

haha.. should look better if the Lotus is smaller.. haha..

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