Saturday, December 15, 2007

Music Ensemble

Presto Music was having its 6th annual concert as well as mini Christmas Concert.. and I'm one of the performer.. not much fuss for a few good reasons..

1) it's not the 1st time performing at Presto's concert.. only parents as audience..
2) not performing solo.. it's a group ensemble
3) the pieces not hard..didn't even need to prepare before hand.. just 4 practises..

anyway, I kinda enjoy it.. compared to previous concert, this had to be the most enjoyable.. it was not really hard to play the piece and the song is really nice.. the most important part is that this time, I'm playing in an orchestra feel.. haha..

piano, violin, cello, drum and choir.. and I'm one of the 4 violinist.. haha..

it's great to be able to play in such group where there are different instruments.. fun!! I had been performing as a pianist with the violinist before, and also as a solo.. all that I'm really scare.. however, this is the 1st time performing without any worries.. funny.. mayb coz there are so many people together.. haha..

well, that's all for now.. gotta continue my work..

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