Saturday, December 22, 2007

Maple Story

currently been pulled into Maple story by my brother.. and had been addicted to it since last week.. haha...

this game requires patients and also intelligence.. and thus lead me to think..

sometimes, we as human, are also playing a game.. we travel near and far to achieve our goals in life.. we communicate with people so that we would not be lonely, we ask for help and and help others in return.. we also sacrifice something to achieve some other things.. we work hard to get the dream job and then try to reach the top of the world, we meet enemies and we try to subotage them.. we meet our mr/ms right and then decide to spend the rest of our lives with that person, which means, we get married..

all this happen in Maple story as well.. our character in the game did everything i mention above..

yup.. including getting married.

isn't just a perfect game? it's everything we did in real live..

come to think about it,

We are really playing a GAME..

the only difference of real live with the game is.. when the character in the game die.. that character will be revive and everything will still be the same..

however, in real live.. that would not happen even in millions of years..

so, we should always APPRECIATE LIVES..!!!

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