Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Kumpulan Wayang Kulit Anak Seri Baju Merah

just feel like blogging about one MPO concert which i attended 2 weeks ago, on 2nd September, Sunday...!

FYI.. this is not just a normal orchestra concert but a combination of western style orchestra and the most symbolic Malaysian art.. the Wayang Kulit. Can you imagine?

well, this is my 1st visit to MPO concert and also the first time watching wayang kulit as well as 1st time wearing a semi formal dress and 1st time drive to KLCC (with my dad beside, of cuz). haha.. so many 1st time..

anyway, went to the concert with Chooi Fei, her brother, mother and another friend.. thought want to call Foong Wai, Hooi Ling, Grey.. but all.. aih.. Foong Wai and Grey busy.. u know la.. these super clever people sure will super busy geh.. haha.. and Hooi Ling.. what else? beside not really have interest.. want to save money.. ok lo... no paksa paksa here...

ok, back to the concert..

at first we couldn't really find our sections.. orchestra hall, is divided into many sections and there are doors which lead you to your sections.. and we, as 1st timers.. haha.. walk here walk there.. everyone looking at us adi.. anyway, at last Chooi Fei mom went to ask people.. then we succesfully found our seats..

then, seat and wait for the concert... very excited adi.. kinda know what to expect as i have been to the Istana Budaya for a Beethoven's concert last time..

there's a big big screen at the stage.. for the wayang kulit performance..

then the Kumpulan Wayang Kulit Anak Seri Baju Merah came out onto the stage and take their place behind the screen, and then lights off, and they started to play some of their music with their traditional instruments... after about 6-8minutes, lights on again and a speaker walk out.. music stop.. he started to talk about the Kumpulan Wayang Kulit Anak Seri Baju Merah.. and then, the MPO started to walk out to the stage... violin.. viola.. cello... double bass... trumpets.. trombone.. percussionist... flute... tuba... etc.. then.. conductor.. Matthias Bamert..

ok, the real show begun...

wayang kulit perfomance start.. is about Empunya yang beroleh Sita Dewi... the MPO starts their music and combine with the wayang kulit traditional music.. wow.. i must say.. great..

the orchestra music combine so well with the traditional instruments that you could not really find the differences.. wow.. speechless... i never thought that the western style of orchestra could be played in such way... really ear opening... the music is often soft.. and extremely high pitch.. i am so impress with the way the violinist play the violin.. so high pitch yet soooooo soft... wow.. incredible...

anyway, there is so much thing happening at once that make me kinda pening.. coz, the orchestra plays.. the wayang kulit plays.. the puppets plays... the tok dalang telling the stories...

i could not really pay attention to all... therefore, after looking at the wayng kulit's puppets shadows for a few minutes.. and trying to understand what the tok dalang is talking about.. i started to just look and listen to the music.. especially the violin... really interested...

to tell the truth.. i dun really understand those wayang kulit and what the tok dalang talks.. coz the language, yea, definitely malay.. but it's those traditional malay.. and in a sing song style.. so, really hard to listen.. the shadow of the puppets is interesting at the beginning as this is the 1st time.. but i soon lost interest.. i really prefer the orchestra more.. haha...

after about 40 minutes... wayang kulit performance end.. and we get a 20 minutes break so that the crew can clear up the stage so that the whole MPO will be able to get on stage (1st half oni part of the orchestra perform)

i really love the 2nd half... the whole MPO perform a few pieces.. really great.. it is so much joy listening to it.. wow.. u have to listen to it live to really get the emotions.. really big difference from listen to cd... the conductor even at the beginning of a piece give us some introductory of the song there will perform..

the conductor really emotional... he jump up and down when conducting.. wow.. super! the musicians hand flew up and down.. wow.. crazy... how i wish to be part of them!!!

you guys should go too.. the tickets not really expansive.. less than hundreds.. even cheaper for students... yea yea!!! even just think about it make me feel soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

(oops... long long post... thanks for having the patient to read it... and i broke my record for having the longest post ever... !!! haha)

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