Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monday Blue

It's just some random talk with one of my friend just now.. about tomorrow being Monday blues.

And I mentioned to her that in actual fact, every working day will be BLUE. The only difference is there is a different shades of blues for everyday.

She agreed and say that Monday has the darkest blue of all. XD

It leads me to think that isn't that true? No matter whether you love your job or not, as long as you know you are going the spend your day at work and not being able to do things you wanted to do, it will be tough. Love your job and it might be a lighter blue. But still blue.

Holiday? Red? or Pink?

But then, those traditional tear-off calender.. weekdays are always green and weekends are red. That is why everytime I see red I feel happy and excited. But then, I never hated green. Haha.. Ok..a little out of topic.

It's just that I had not written anything for quite sometime and I think it is time I resume writing as this is the only place I can pour my heart into and not worry about whether I get my grammar or tenses right. I just want to rant.

Thank you.

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