Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 1. Arrival at Hong Kong International Airport - Mongkok

Okay. Here's the long awaited memories while I'm in HK. Departed from LCCT at 6.20am (25th October 2009). It is my first time travelling with a plane. Therefore as predicted, I am super super excited.

Before I left, I have pack toooo much things in my luggage which resulted in me being a nervous wreck as I'm afraid of it being overweight. At the LCCT car park, I hurriedly take out some clothes and put it into my hand carry. Which makes me soo tired carrying it all the time at the departure hall. =.="

Oh, by the way.. Did I mentioned who I went with?


My fault. Okay. Ms Lok, Ms Xu and Ms Ho all went on a 2 weeks vacation to Hong Kong and GuangZhou!

Clear now?!

Alright. I sway away from the original topic already! Back to the plane issue.

I am super excited but at the same time, super hungry. It's 6 something in the morning. And 3 of us gorrilas were so hungry we can eat the whole plane.

Ok, joke aside.

Let the time fly to arriving at HK. (puns intended lol)

Hong Kong International Airport Arrival Hall
Upon arriving, we stumble down dizzly from lack of sleep and excitedness..
Into this super super super long walkalator..

Hold the handrail.
Chinese letterings on caution signs. Fresh!
(btw, guess whose leg)

Get what I mean by super super long walkalator??!
This is only part of it.. There's still about 3 more..

See? See? SEEEE???!!!!
And all the while, I am holding on to my stupid hand carry which weights about 4kg.. =.=

Finally..after taking the mini short train to this area, pass the custom, get our passport stamped, get our temperature taken, we get to be reunited with our beloved luggage again.

All 3 of us waiting for the sushi to arrive.. lol

Luckily they did not smashed our luggages as I've heard many stories about spoil luggage due to mishandled.

Ok. Now, time to phone Cizzy's mom. She's our tourguide for this trip.
(Btw, CC suppose to be our original tourguide.. but due to her lack of efficiency, we decided to sack her ^.^)

(Whose hand?!!)

After calling, we continue our journey to the bus station outside the airport.
Mind you, after such a long long time, we are still inside the airport.
(Now, me is with the 4kg hand carry + 12kg luggage)

What is the chef doing walking inside the airport? I am hungry btw..

Here's the route to the outside. Wide, Long, Tall area.
Smooth journey!

I'm attracted to this particular pot of um.. tree?
doesn't 'she' look cute?!!

Finally, we saw a bus. That means we are near our destination!

See? This will be our ride.
After our ex-tourguide get a small change to buy bus tickets at the dunno-located-where-bus-counter.

While Cc and Fei went to look for that hiding-bus-counter, I spent my time calling home and snapping pictures.
Many bus stops here. Very convenient. And cheap.

At last, we saw some of the scene we always saw at HK TVB Drama!

I just have to snap this pic. Sorry auntie.

Fei had already been in a snapping frenzy. See how nice her post is?!

Ok. I don't feel lik taking photos right now. My face look terrible. Is that Photo-taking-crazy-Fei force me! T.T"

Now, see see see..
All the signboard.
I will be with these signs for days before our departure to Disneyland!
Which means, we will be living in a world where we always saw in TV!

Oh, and the apartments there are super super super super tall as well!

Doesn't places like this remind you of certain dramas which those OL/OB will sit for a sandwich-lunch? hoho!

My first real snap of a double decker bus.
And I saw one with Sammi upcoming concert advertisement on it.
Too bad that stupid bus went tooo fast.
grr!!! %$*&$@#

That's my 1st reaction.
Walking into the smaller streets at Mongkok, this is the norm scene.

Honestly, I'm very much afraid of those signs dropping down onto my lovely head..
I wonder how people going to look for a shop when there are sooo many signs blocking each other..
Those signs are hang as far away from their shops as possible. therefore, many supporting steel are use.. scary leh..
But still, this kind of scene is really exciting to me as I repeat. It is right out from the TVB Dramas which is my addicts!

I get to snap something of SAMMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No No No!
This is not what I want!
Is that photo-snapping-crazy-Fei actions.
She forced me to take again.
SO many people on the streets staring at me..


Btw, all this is snap on the same day. My clothes different u ask?

Of coz la.

We check in to the hotel already maa...

So I quickly change into a better and comfortable clothes lorr...


Okies buddies.

That's all for now.

Next up is

Lunch at Hong Kong 'char chan teng'
Tourist-photo-snapping spot
Avenue of Stars!


lina said...

Really long awaited memories lah. Almost 2 months! :D

So much luggage to bring to HK? I thought it should be the other way round. Empty bag from here and full bags (and add moe new bags) from HK. LOL

Cassie the Missy said...

Haha.. u r right.. should be empty bag go.. but me.. the super-first-timer-girl went for vacations in PLANE.. sure very excited.. therefore pack everything.. lol

btw.. back that time, you can imagine how heavy my luggage is..hoho

kenwooi said...

lol.. why need to click "memories" to find the comment link wan? =P

anyway, hong kong.. i wanna be there one day.. haha.. =)

Cassie the Missy said...

kenwooi: Lol.. the commenting thingy is a flaw that I don't know how to edit.. i try and try and i give up.. lol

I might go look for a new layout when I am free.. haha..

Anyways, HongKong is really a shopping paradise.. there's so many things to shop and see.. if you enjoy shopping you will enjoy Hk.. if you enjoy TVB you will love Hk.. LOL

And thanks for dropping by! ^.^